Working Hours Calculation with Overnight-Flexi Schedule in Ingress & TCMS V3

Working Hours Calculation with Overnight-Flexi Schedule in Ingress & TCMS V3

In Ingress & TCMS V3, there is a Flexi clocking schedule that supports flexible working shift. It also can be used to keep records of users, who work more than a shift within a day.

There might be some users whom are confused on how working hours is calculated for a flexi schedule and needs a better idea on how it works. So this tip is to provide some explanation with an example of a working scenario and calculations for the working and break time.

For example, a worker comes to work at 8:00am and leaves at 11:30am. He comes in again and continue to work at 1:00pm through 8:00pm and then he rest until night. During the night he starts to work from 9:00pm till 11:00pm. His working time will be shown as below:
Working Shift
In time
Out time
1st working shift
2nd working shift
3rd working shift

In this example, the default settings of a new flexi schedule is used: a) General settings: Maximum number of in-out clocking pairs for this flexi-hour schedule = 3 b) Break settings: Ignore break time = Untick (so Break time will be excluded from working hours) Additional Settings: c) General settings: Maximum work hours to be considered as the same day work = 20 hours

Therefore, Ingress & TCMS V3 will record the his working time as:

Please note that for Ingress & TCMS V3, you don't have to set a time for each shift (IN / OUT) in the clocking schedule .This is because system will follow all clocking time derived from terminal. In Overtime tab, for option “Overtime if total flexi work hour exceeds work hour of”, set this as 8 hours which means after 8 hours, system will calculate remaining time as overtime.

For example, these are the time recorded for a user:
IN time = 0900
OUT time = 1230
IN time = 1330
OUT time 1745
IN time = 2330
OUT time = 0300
Ingress & TCMS V3 will calculate the working time of the user as shown below:
1st working time = 1st OUT - 1st IN
= 1230 –0900
= 3 hours 30 minutes
2nd working time = 2nd OUT - 2nd IN
= 1745 – 1330
= 4 hours 15 minutes
3rd working time = 3rd OUT - 3rd IN
= 0300 – 2330
= 3 hours 30 minutes

Total working hours (without Calculate OT)
= 1st working time + 2nd working time + 3rd  working time  
= 3 hours 30 minutes + 4 hours 15 minutes + 3 hours 30 minutes
= 11 hours 15 minutes.   

Hence, Overtime = 11 hours 15 minutes - 8 hours (working time set in clocking schedule)
= 3 hours 15 minutes

Attendance sheet will show work and overtime as below :

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