Wi-Fi & LAN Connection Conflict

Wi-Fi & LAN Connection Conflict

Wi-Fi, short for “wireless fidelity”, is a mechanism for wirelessly connecting electronic devices. It is also one of the most popular wireless communication standards on the market today.

FingerTec took this opportunity to utilize and implement the Wi-Fi technology to its multimedia models. With this connection type facilitating the terminal, syncing of data can now be done without any wiring hassle. 

To connect a FingerTec terminal to a WiFi LAN (WLAN), you can choose to use:

  1. WEP
  2. WEP Share
  3. WPA - AES
You can also use the FT Tool to configure the terminal’s Wi-Fi settings.

For terminals with the Wi-Fi function, users may choose to connect to the computer with either Wi-Fi or LAN connection. Please take note that the Wi-Fi IP address must not be the same as the local area networks IP address. This will cause a conflict and the connection will not be established. Please refer to the diagram below for a better understanding.

Example of a successful setting:
Example of an unsuccessful setting:

If you are still facing problems with this process, kindly contact support@fingertec.com for further assistance.