Use Ingressus Controller with Fire Alarm System for Better Emergency Management

Use Ingressus Controller with Fire Alarm System for Better Emergency Management

A fire alarm system is a variety of devices connected together to identify and alert people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide gas or other emergency situations are present. These alarms might be triggered from heat detectors and smoke detectors. The fire alarm system consists of a control panel, which is connected to the smoke detectors, emergency break glass devices, heat detectors, LED flashers, water sprinklers, alarms, FingerTec door access controller and etc. If there is any fire activity present, the smoke detector and the heat detector will set off the LED flashers, water sprinklers and alarms within the premises simultaneously.  You can either use the emergency break glass device or the FingerTec terminal to unlock all the doors and proceed to the evacuation assembly spot.

On Fire Alarm Panel, there is output relay to control a variety of functions such as Switching fans/Air Conditioning on or off and Closing/opening doors.  By using just the same relay signal from the Fire Alarm Panel, which is connected to a FingerTec Ingressus controller, it is able to trigger other Ingressus controllers to open doors. Thus, you do not need to do wiring from Fire Alarm Panel to all Ingressus controllers or do many settings on Ingress. During an emergency triggered on Fire Alarm Panel, the relay will send a signal to one of the Ingressus controllers. Then Ingress that manages all the Ingressus controllers will receive this signal and command other Ingressus controllers to open doors too.
1. Add and activate Ingressus Controller on Ingress on Device tab

2. Add a Fire Alarm Zone and add setting into 1 unit selected Ingressus which connected to Fire Alarm Panel output signal

3. Select other Ingressus to Open Door when the Fire Alarm is triggered

5. Done the settings > click Save and Sync the settings to all Ingressus