Troubleshooting – Error When Adding FaceID 5 Device in Ingress Software

Troubleshooting – Error When Adding FaceID 5 Device in Ingress Software


To add Face ID5 or Face ID6 devices on Ingress software through the AWDMS program, you need to follow the instructions step by step as per the manual guide (refer to the link to the article below)


However, if you have a problem adding devices where it shows the message ‘Add Device Error’ although you have followed the instructions, this article will guide you on how to troubleshoot and solve this problem.

Issue and Problem Verification

This problem will mostly happen if you’re using the Ingress database migrated from the TCMSv2 or TCMSv3 software or if you’ve converted the Ingress MDB database to MySQL format.

In a normal situation, there will be no problem with the connection status between the device and the software. You can also view the device status on AWDMS when you search the device or scan in the Ingress software. However, there will be an error when you try to activate the device with Ingress software as per the above picture error.

Process and Troubleshooting step

  1. First, download and install MySQL manager tools like SQLyog on your Ingress server computer. You can search and download a free version of MySQL manager tools from the website.

  1. Close the Ingress program, then run the SQLyog manager tools host with the correct MySQL password (password when you run Ingress DB Installer).

  1. From the MySQL manager program, view the Ingress table > select Device table data > click Others > Column > Manage Column. 

  1. Add a new column and name it idadms with the Data Type = varchar and Length = 50 (refer to picture below).

A screenshot of a computer

Description automatically generated

  1. Once done, please save the setting and close the SQLyog manager tool program.

  1. Run Ingress DB Installer and complete all the steps (Test Connection, Update Connection and Upgrade Database).

  1. Once completed, you can run the Ingress program and try to add the Face ID5/Face ID6 device with an AWDMS connection. It should be connected and activated successfully.