TCMS V3 Release Note (v3.3.1.3)

TCMS V3 Release Note (v3.3.1.3)

FingerTec has released TCMS V3 v3.3.1.3 which adds 2 new features, and 6 bug fixes to enhance the user experience when using TCMS V3 software.

1. Added a new module under User: Personal. Available fields in the module are:

                      a.     Nationality

                     b.     Marital Status

                     c.     Religion

                     d.     Race

                     e.     Emergency Contact - Name

                     f.      Emergency Contact - Contact No.

                     g.     Emergency Contact – Relation




2. Display Leave Type when select Clocking Count option in Attendance Sheet Report



Bug Fixed:

1. Fixed failure to export Leave Hour in HH:HH format for Attendance Details issue.

2. Fixed Batch Update Planner does not update completely if user's schedule same as assigned schedule

3. Fixed unable to upload User Photo to device

4. Fixed duplicated column when export audit data in csv format

5. Fixed issue cannot read some TIMING file

6. Fixed update user photo does not logging