TA300 Change of Algorithm

TA300 Change of Algorithm

The TA300 is a portable fingerprint terminal for time attendance system. Not only it is wireless, it also comes with an internal battery that could last for a maximum of 5 hours. The TA300 is specially designed for small and medium sized businesses as it requires no installation, no power supply, and no cables of any sort.

The hardware of the TA300’s has recently been updated with a brand new MCU. Any TA300 from the serial number 3403301 onwards will now be using the fingerprint template algorithm Biobridge VX10.0 and the fingerprint template storage of the mentioned terminals onwards will be increased to 1500 from the previous 500.

Even with the algorithm upgrade, there are existing users who prefer to use the algorithm Biobridge VX9.0 as they do not wish to re-enroll their fingerprint all over again. We have a solution for you:

To check the algorithm:

  1. Press 9999.
  2. Press Time Set. This will prompt the TA300’s menu.
  3. Press Out to scroll down and select Device Info.
  4. Select Algorithm Version.

To change the algorithm:

  1. Press 2222.
  2. Press Time Set.
  3. Press Out to change the algorithm version.
  4. Press OK to prompt the restart.

Note: Please be advised that once you change the algorithm, all the terminal data will be deleted. You will lose all the transaction logs as well as the enrolled users. Please make sure that you have backed up all relevant data before proceeding to change the algorithm version.