Retrieve Data from FingerTec Cloud Centre FCC to the Ingress Software

Retrieve Data from FingerTec Cloud Centre FCC to the Ingress Software

FingerTec Cloud Centre is a web platform to store all FingerTec terminals' information and data securely on a cloud server. Connect your FingerTec terminals to FCC and stop worrying about data lost because the original data will always be available online for instant retrieval. This tip will demonstrate on how to retrieve data from the FCC and upload it to Ingress.

Rely on FCC to consolidate all your FingerTec data in the cloud and backing up of data purposes.

Step 1
Login your FCC account > Click your username beside the Subscription option.

Step 2
Go to the user profile tab > Ingress / TCMSv3 Login Detail.

Step 3
Go to the Ingress Icon > Migration Wizard > FingerTec Cloud Center.

Step 4
Login your username and password. You may refer the details at Step 2.

Step 5
You can retrieve your terminal by clicking the Get Device List > Choose your terminal serial number > Import Device.

You can retrieve your user by choosing your terminal serial number > Get User List > Select all the user ID > Import User.

Step 7
You can retrieve your transaction log by choosing the date range > get transaction list > download log.

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