Retrieve Attendance Logs from FCC into the FTDP software

Retrieve Attendance Logs from FCC into the FTDP software

FCC is a cloud-based solution that backs up all your FingerTec terminals’ data on a cloud server. With FCC, you can centralize your data for easy viewing and managing. You can stop worrying about data lost because the original data will always be available online for instant retrieval.

The new feature in FTDP allows the software to retrieve the transaction from FCC into FTDP software that is being used by those who want to collect raw clocking data from device and connect to a different format of database (like oracle) for their third party integration.

Step 1
Login your FCC account > Click your username beside the Subscription option

Step 2
Go to the user profile tab > Ingress / TCMSv3 Login Detail

Step 3
Login the FTDP software as an administrator > Go to Transactions tab > Click FCC Log

Step 4
Login your username and password. Refer the details at Step 2

Step 5
You can retrieve your transaction log by choosing the date range and user ID > click Search. If you want to retrieve all transaction data > click Search without configuring the date range and user ID

Step 6
Then, click Save AttLog into PC