Report Scheduler for TCMS V3 is Now Ready!

Report Scheduler for TCMS V3 is Now Ready!

Report Scheduler is an automated interface that gives you the option to email your selected reports on a periodic basis. This feature is now available in TCMS V3 and you can set the files to be sent in various formats using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

With this feature, the report generation process has been made completely automated because you do not need to login to your account to generate the required reports. On top, instead of having to generate various reports individually, you can setup the Scheduler to generate and email the reports to you or other recipients with just one-click solution.

1) Firstly, you will need to configure your email account at the TCMS V3 > System Settings > Email > Edit > Edit Email Configuration > Save > Test Account Setting.

*Remark : We strongly recommend you to use your own company mail server as SMTP domain rather than using Gmail service provider to avoid server blocking the software from sending the mail on behalf of the account owner.

 2) You will get an email similar to the below picture.

3) Go to the report tab > configure the report based on your requirements > click run. Here is one example:

4) TCMS V3 will send two reports for the first time. First report - when you click the run button. Second report – the times that you have configured in the report scheduler settings. TCMS V3  will generate the reports at the report folder before sending the email to you.
Report folder - C:\Program Files (x86)\FingerTec\FingerTec TCMS V3\TCMS V3\reports.

5) Also, you will receive the report in your email account.

Troubleshooting Tips
Report Scheduler is not working as per settings? Follow the steps below to troubleshoot.
a) Main configuration: It’s important to ensure that all services; database, attendance service, etc, are running smoothly. If the Report Scheduler is not working, it’s recommended that you restart all the services again to trigger the scheduler process properly.

To restart TCMSv3 service: Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services > restart TCMS v3 Service

b) Once restarted, click Run in the Report Scheduler settings to trigger the scheduling process again.

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