R2, R3 & FaceID3 - Time Zone Setting Group Transfer from Ingress

R2, R3 & FaceID3 - Time Zone Setting Group Transfer from Ingress

Access level configuration is a function that could help clients secures their property. Clients are able to set different Access Level for each authorized user according to the time zone, with combination of verification type. With this function, you can enhance security by limiting user access to your premises with specific time zone and group verification type.

By configuring the Access Level, the security mechanism for your premises is tightened to prevent it from being invaded by any unauthorized individuals.

1. Add a door > add your R3 and FaceID3 device to the door

2. Define the start and end time applicable for this Time Set. You can configure up to 3 different time sets in a day. Access Level > Time Set > Create a time set. Take note that the time access periods need to set continuously without overlapping, as shown in picture below. Following the example below, users will be granted access from 9am to 6pm and 8pm to 10pm every day.

3. Access Group > Create a new access group > Add the door that which to upload the access level > Choose the time set created in step 2 > Select group verify type

4. Add user into the access group > Transfer to device
*Note that this step will transfer the access group to the terminal along with the users in the group; user(s) that are not in any access group will be deleted from the terminal.