Password Settings Login And Administrator for TCMS V2

Password Settings Login And Administrator for TCMS V2

The TCMS V2 software requires you to input 2 sets of passwords to protect your system from unauthorized access. You can set a login password and an administrator password to protect your system. Always use alphanumeric characters to set your password. Many users fail to recognize that in order to use the Login and Administrator password, you will need to set the password for both columns. Failure to input either one of the columns will show no difference in the password settings. For detailed instructions:

1.     In the TCMS V2 software, click System Settings and select Change password. 

2.     Insert both the Login and Administrator passwords. Please make sure both passwords are different from one another.

3.     When you log in to the TCMS V2 software, insert the Login password.

4.     As you can see some of the configuration icons are not available in the software. The icons restricted are System ConfigurationNew Release and Wizard.

5.     If you log in using the Administrator password, the software will display all icons for your usage.