Password Management for Administrators and Other Users in Ingress

Password Management for Administrators and Other Users in Ingress

In FingerTec's integrated access control management application, Ingress, an administrator holds the authority to not only set or change his own password, but also for those of other users. This enables the administrator to manage other users' passwords in emergency cases such as forgetting your password. Read below for the step-by-step guide to change the passwords for both the administrator and other users. 

To Change the Administrator Password

1. Click on the Ingress icon and click on Change Password.

2. Insert the details of the old and new passwords in the relevant boxes before clicking Update

3. Click the OK button. Voila! You have now changed the password for the administrator. 

To Change Other Users' Passwords

1. Go to System Settings and click on User Account

2. Select the user account which you wish to change its password to. Click Edit Account to proceed. 

3. Insert the new password in Password and Confirm Password. Click the OK button to proceed. Voila! You have successfully changed the user's password. 

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