Navigate Ingress Better | Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes

Navigate Ingress Better | Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes


Ingress is FingerTec’s bundled software with every purchase of FingerTec door access hardware. Over time, we have compiled common mistakes users made while using Ingress that have caused unnecessary frustration and wrong outcomes. Let’s watch out for those 5 errors and avoid them at any cost. 

One - On Setup and Software Installation
·         Please bare in mind that Ingress software and MySQL are two different platforms. Ingress is the application; MySQL is its database. Therefore, it is extremely important for you to run Ingress DBInstaller to confirm database successful connection and prevent any errors such as “Failed to Initialize Database”. All the 3 steps of DBInstaller have to be completed successfully for you to be able to run the software.  
·         Ingress Server and Client have to be installed using the exact same version of installer or chances are, you are going to get unsuccessful server-client connection.
·         And to form a successful connection between Ingress Server and Client, it is necessary to open the firewall port number 3306, 3000 in both server and client pc. Please refer to the following link for more information regarding the port setup:

Two - On Missing Files
·         Please make sure that your PC’s antivirus has been disabled before you attempt to install Ingress software. Once the installation is complete, add Ingress software to your antivirus whitelist/exception list save and enable back the antivirus. This step is very important to guarantee that no antivirus could block Ingress files and would cause errors and software crashes.
·         Don’t freak outIngress installer files are neither virus nor Trojan files.  Therefore, installing Ingress while the antivirus is disabled will not cause any harm to your computer.
·         For more info regarding the antivirus and Ingress software refer to

Three - On Activation
·         Before adding your terminals to Ingress, please make sure that the terminal can communicate with the PC by pinging the IP address of your terminal. To check this, open the command prompt window> Ping the IP address of your terminal (e.g. “ping”)> Press Enter, to receive the response and check the stability of the connection between device and pc from the responses shown.
·         When adding a terminal into the software, please make sure that the Comm key, or the security key in both terminal and the software are set to 0 (or to the same value), for the terminal to be activated in the software. Caution: Many have done this error by setting the comm key and security keys differently. Set them with the same value please to avoid complications.
·         The FingerTec terminals by default are using UDP port number 4370.  Therefore, during Ingress activation you need to select the same port number in Ingress for a successful activation.
·         Online activation refers to retrieving the license of your FingerTec Terminals in Ingress using a PC with Internet connection. In case your PC is not connected, select Offline mode, enter the 12-digit product key provided for your terminal and press Activate.
·         If you need to use ‘port forwarding’ for terminal connection from a different location, while activating FingerTec terminal, you need to tick “Quick Connect” option. Caution: Port-forwarding setup has to be discussed with the network engineer available onsite. FingerTec support does not have this information.  

Four - On Upgrade and Migrate
·         Migration Wizard lets users migrate from TCMS V2 to Ingress effortlessly.
·         Migration of database can only be performed from TCMS V2 Version v2.2.027 onwards (Most recent version dated: 11/08/2016)
·         To migrate the database from TCMS V2, go to Ingress Icon> Migration Wizard> FingerTec TCMS V2> At Intro browse the Path of your TCMS v2 backup file (.zip file)> Upload> Select Upload > At select Users> select the user and the information you want to migrate> import selected database.
·         For those who migrated data structure in a different language e.g. Arabic from TCMS V2 to Ingress without any gibberish characters, you have to ensure that the Language Locale of your PC has to be set as English (USA) during the migration of the DB. To change the Language Locale of your pc, go to Control Panel> Clock, Language, Region> Region> Administrative> Change System Locale> Select English (USA)> save and restart your pc.
·         In case you are facing Migration Issues with Ingress, you need to update the version of your Ingress to the latest, i.e. dated Dec 2016 onwards. You can refer the release notes in Ingress to check the version of your software and the date of release, as well as the debugged remarks of each update. The Release Notes is provided at: Ingress Menu Icon> Release Notes
Five - On Missing transactions
·         All the transactions downloaded from the terminals into Ingress are listed in the data Audit List. This is how you get there. Attendance tab> Data Audit List.
·         The Attendance sheet is generated based on the data from the data audit list and the clocking schedule setup, hence in case any data is missing from the attendance tab;
o   Check whether the data already exists in the data audit list of the software
o   If the data is not downloaded, confirm whether the data originally exists inside your terminal by using the Device info tool. Download the tool at: Once you have downloaded the device info tool, run the .exe file> enter the IP address> connect> Download transactions> to check if the transactions exist inside the terminals
o   If there is data in the terminal and has not been downloaded into Ingress, try downloading the data manually at the Attendance tab> Attendance sheet> Download> Select terminal and download.
o   If the data is not downloaded manually, for a possible solution, try downloading the data using Automatic Run Time. To set the download run time, go to System Setting> System Parameter Setting> Attendance> Specify 2 Daily Download Intervals…> Set the time accordingly> save and let the Ingress server run within the set time.
o   If there are any changes made in the Clocking Schedule, the Group Duty Roster or certain user IDs are changed in the Group Duty Roster, to make sure that the data enters attendance sheet accordingly, you need to generate the attendance at the Ingress software> Attendance> Attendance Sheet> Generate> Select User ID and Date range> Ok.
o   Data enters the Attendance Listing & Attendance Analysis Reports are based on the Attendance sheet generated in the software. Therefore, in case of any data missing from the reports, the first step to do is to check the data and information in the Attendance sheet.

If you encountered any other problems with Ingress, we are here to support you. Email us at for fast reply.