Migrating Data from TCMS V2 to TimeTec TA

Migrating Data from TCMS V2 to TimeTec TA

This post was originally published in Feb 2014 and was updated in Dec 2018.

You can now migrate your data from the TCMS V2 software to your TimeTec TA account. You do not need to redo the clocking schedule setup, nor do you need to insert employee biodata into the TimeTec TA account. The types of data to migrate are as follow:

1. Company information (name, address, contact info etc.)
2. Company hierarchy (names of departments and sections)
3. Attendance rules and calculations (clocking schedules, group duty roster, holiday, leave types)
4. Employees’ biodata (name, address, phone, designation etc.)
5. Employees’ verification credentials (ID, fingerprints, password, card ID)

However, this process won’t be able to migrate the attendance records from the TCMS V2 software to TimeTec TA. The TCMS V2 software is using a maximum of 6 columns to handle attendance records while TimeTec TA is using 14 columns.

Thus we recommend you to define a cut-off date, for example, the 1st of the month, in order to stop using TCMS V2 to download attendance from devices. Link your devices to the Internet, insert the TimeTec Cloud server IP and the devices will upload attendance records to the cloud server automatically. Now, you can activate the devices in the TimeTec TA account, then proceed to generate attendance records under Attendance Sheet.

First of all, please upgrade your TCMS V2 software to the latest version before you start migrating to TimeTec TA:

Step 1

Run TCMS V2 software > Click the New Release button.

Step 2

Proceed to download the upgraded version.

Step 3

Run Backup/Restore Databases > Backup command to migrate to TimeTec.

Step 4

The database file name will be saved to “tcmsv2_djvdd.zip” in your program folder.

Now log in to your TimeTec TA account and go to Migration Wizard (under Support menu).

Step 5

Select TCMS v2. Browse and seek for the “tcmsv2_djvdd.zip” file > Upload.

Step 6

Select the employees to migrate into TimeTec TA (You can ignore those who are suspended or have resigned.) > Click Import Selected. System will process and a successful message will appear once completed.