Managing and Editing Leave Day using Ingress and TCMS V3

Managing and Editing Leave Day using Ingress and TCMS V3

Leave Day in Ingress and TCMS V3 can be added or edited either before or after an employee takes his/her leave. In this article we will discuss how to manage and edit Leave Day for each employee from the User Duty Planner or by using the Import Leave function.

This feature allows Admin to manage employees’ leave easily via 2 simple ways, where Admin can edit leave individually or in bulk.

Remark: Please make sure your Leave Type is up-to-date. Go to Attendance tab > select Leave Type > Click ‘Update’ to update the existing Leave Type name or click ‘Add’ to add new Leave Type > Click ‘Save’ to keep the changes.

1. Edit or Add Leave Day Manually from User Duty Planner
a)  To edit or add Leave Day manually from the employee roster, go to Attendance tab > User Duty
      Planner > select User.
b)  From the employee roster, click Edit > select the Date > Right click >  select Leave Type.
c)  Then select the Leave Type from the list, update the Leave Hour and set the Effective Date and
d)  System will update the roster and you must Generate the Attendance Sheet before you can view
       the Leave Day updated in the Attendance record.

2. Import Leave from Text or Excel File
a)  Go to Attendance tab > select Attendance Sheet > click Edit > click Import Leave.
b)  To import the file, please make sure your file format is the same as our sample file. Sample files
      can be viewed here:
i)  TXT format :
ii)  Excel format :
c)  Next, select the file you have created and click the Import button.

d) Once the Import process has finished, you will be able to see the updated Leave Day in the
      Remark column inside the Attendance Sheet.

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