Keylock 7700 – Interchangeable Lock Tongue

Keylock 7700 – Interchangeable Lock Tongue

While designing FingerTec's  Keylock 7700we have taken into consideration not only the position of the lock (for left-handed or right-handed users) but also the installation of the door (either swing-in or swing-out method). FingerTec’s Keylock 7700 has an interchangeable Lock Tongue to enable users to install it according to the door’s specification. Users will be able to twist the lock tongue 180◦ by following the simple steps below. Read more to see the step-by-step guide:

Step 1
Unscrew the 
 latch front panel to remove it from the double door latch.

Step 2
Turn the lock tongue 180◦.

Step 3
Screw back the latch front panel into place.

Voila! Now your Keylock 7700 is ready to be used.
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