Import Roster from Excel or Text File Easily in Ingress & TCMS V3

Import Roster from Excel or Text File Easily in Ingress & TCMS V3

Group duty roster, also known as the annual working calendar, categorizes group of users that follow the same working rules.

There are two ways to configure the roster:
1. Using Auto Schedule feature
2. Import Roster from File

While the first method has been widely used since the implementation of our Time Attendance software, this article will introduce the second method to configure Group Duty Roster in Ingress & TCMSV3.

This feature offers an alternative method to easily configure Group Duty Roster by importing roster from a file into TCMS V3 or Ingress.

1. To import a roster, select a roster or create a new roster at Group Duty Roster under Scheduling & Attendance module. Click Edit > Import Roster

2. The formats supported are Excel File (.xls) and Text File (.txt). Refer to the sample files to configure the file layout.

3. Click Browse to select your file. The roster will be displayed for you to confirm before Importing.

4. Click ‘Import’ to proceed and your new imported roster will reflect at the Group Duty Roster.

5. Select ‘Remind me if there is schedule that does not exist in TCMS V3’ option to allow system to check the clocking schedule in the roster. In case the newly imported roster has a clocking schedule that hasn’t been created, the software will prompt you to create a new schedule accordingly.