i-Neighbour / i-Vizit - Blacklist Visitor

i-Neighbour / i-Vizit - Blacklist Visitor

Blacklisting visitors can ensure that the same person will not be permitted into the premises when he or she re-attempts to re-enter your neighbourhood.

However, please do ensure a reasonable excuse is submitted for this action. This is to prevent misunderstandings between visitors, homeowners and the management offices.

A. Who can blacklist a visitor?
Only i-Neighbour system admin have the right to blacklist a visitor. However, the security guard(s) is also eligible to file a report of misbehave visitor(s) using the guardhouse tablet. Upon submission, the system will automatically seek for an approval from the i-neighbour system administrator.

B. How does the system detect if a visitor has been blacklisted?
When the visitor registers at the guardhouse, the security guard will note down the car plate number, the visitor ID and the name. The system will directly recognize a blacklisted visitor based on these details and the security guard will no longer be able to proceed the registration process (Here is a sample of a pop up message indicating that the visitor has been Blacklisted).

C. Can the administrator whitelist the blacklisted visitor?
Yes, as an administrator, he or she can whitelist the blacklisted visitor, depending on the reason given by the security guard when they report a misbehaved visitor. The blacklisted visitor can also go directly to the management office (Accompanied by the security guards) to make a declaration.

D . Steps to blacklist a visitor manually (Admin)
Step 1 - Click Visitor > Blacklisted visitor > Click + Blacklist visitor

Step 2 - Add Name , ID number , Car plate number and the reason for blacklisting.

Step 3 - Blacklisted visitor will be listed here

E. Steps to blacklist a visitor from Visitor Listing / Visitor History Listing (by Admin)
Step 1 - Click Visitor > Visitor Listing > Click tab Visitor Listing or History > Select the person to blacklist > Click View

Step 2 - Click Report Visitor

Step 3 - Add a reason to blacklist > Click report

Step 4 - Click Visitor > Blacklist visitor > View a new added on the list of blacklisted visitor

F. Steps to report misbehaved visitor (by Security guard and approve by Administrator)
Step 1 (Security Guard) - Log into i-Vizit , Click Checked-In Visitor > Select visitor from the current check-in visitor list or from the history list.

Step 2 (Security Guard) - Select the name (click on the visitor name) > Scroll down and click “blacklist”

Step 3 (Security Guard) - Add a reason to complete the blacklisting process > Click Yes after completed

Step 4 (Security Guard) - Successful submitted the blacklist visitor form to the management team

Step 5 (Security Guard) - Click “More” > Select the “Blacklisted” icon to view the pending blacklisted visitors

Step 6 (Administrator) - On the webpage, Click visitor > Blacklisted visitor > A new row of visitor details will be shown on the page with a pending blacklist status

Step 7 (Administrator) - Click View to view the reason and all visitation details

Step 8 (Administrator) - Admin can click on the pending blacklist visitor to make approval or reject to blacklist the report submitted by the security guard

G. Administrator whitelist blacklisted visitor
Step 1 - Click Visitor > Blacklisted visitor

Step 2 - Click View button > Click whitelist

Step 3 - Click Yes to confirm > Done

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@i-neighbour.com, we will update it as soon as possible.

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