How To Use The FingerTec Device Info Tool

How To Use The FingerTec Device Info Tool

The FingerTec Device Info tool is designed to link up your FingerTec devices for reading its vital information. This information is important for the support team to know before best assisting you. Read more for the download link and instructions on using the tool. 

To use it:
1.   Unzip to become Dev Info.exe. You can download here.
2.   Double-click on Dev Info.exe to run the tool.

3.  Now, insert the IP address of your device. Click the IP checkbox to indicate you are connecting to the device via LAN (local area network).
If your device is connecting to PC via USB (currently, only TA300 supports this feature), ignore the IP address column. Click the USB checkbox.
If your device is installed at a remote site and is connecting to PC via DDNS method, insert the DDNS name at the IP address column. Click the URL checkbox.
4.   Click Connect to link up the device.

To understand the information given, refer to the list below:

What is this?
To display the IP address assigned to this device

This is the serial number of the device. Always take this as the correct serial number if you notice the sticker is printed with a different serial number.

You cannot update firmware if this section does not display FingerTec. If so, the core board might be empty and requires our support team to fix it.

The network MAC address of this device

The model name of the device

Ver 6.60 Aug 15 2013
The firmware version installed on this device. Always provide this to the support team when you are reporting a hardware failure.

2013-09-10 16:28:38
The date and time this device was manufactured

The core board version installed on this device. Always refer to this if you are claiming warranty for the core board.

The SDK version supported by this device

1 indicates you've already enabled the Work Code function in this device.
0 indicates function disabled.

1 indicates the device encrypts data while writing into USB flash disk.
indicates this function is disabled. You cannot import data from USB flash disk into TCMS V2 or Ingress if it is not encrypted.

1 indicates your device is outputting encrypted Wiegand data for use with AdapTec Plus.
indicates this function is disabled. 

Max Finger Count
The maximum fingerprint storage of your device

Max AttLog Count
The maximum transaction logs storage of your device

To indicate number of administrators enrolled in this device

To indicate number of normal users enrolled in this device

To indicate number of fingerprint templates stored in this device

To indicate number of password stored in this device

To indicate number of transaction logs stored in this device

Total Face
To indicate number of face templates stored in this device

Face Capacity
The device's maximum face templates storage 

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