How To Use TCMS V2 on a User login PC Without Using “Run as administrator” and Inserting Administrator Password

How To Use TCMS V2 on a User login PC Without Using “Run as administrator” and Inserting Administrator Password

Normally when you install the TCMS V2 software on the PC under administrator login and want to run the software on the PC under user login, you will need to right click the TCMSv2 icon and select Run as administrator. Then the PC will request for the PC administrator's password before you can open the TCMS V2 software.

To skip this step in order to protect the PC administrator's password, log in to the PC as Administrator. Then right click the TCMSv2 icon and select Properties.

Click Compatibility and tick the “Run this program as an administrator” check box. After that, click Apply.

Right click the TCMSv2 folder and select Properties. By default, you can find the TCMSv2 folder at C:\Program Files (32 bit platform) or Program Files (x86)(64 bit platform)\FingerTec Worldwide.

Go to Security Edit > Add > Advanced > Find Now > select the user account name and click the OK button.

Please do Full Control permission for the user group and click the Apply button. Then click the OK button.

Under Security tab, click Advanced > Change Permission > Tick on both check boxes > Click Apply and click the OK button.

Log in to the PC as User and double click the TCMSv2 icon. You will be able to open the TCMS V2 software without right clicking the TCMSv2 icon and select Run as administrator. Other than that, you will not require to insert the PC administrator's password in order to open the TCMS V2 software.
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