How to set for new Leave type in Timetec Leave

How to set for new Leave type in Timetec Leave


TimeTec Leave offers a flexible and customizable leave management system for employees to enjoy a more efficient leave application experience. To use TimeTec Leave, an admin needs to determine and set up a user's leave type, policy, and leave balance that they have earned. We can differentiate users’ leave entitlement by creating a separate Leave policy based on the years that they have worked. 

But before that, we need to make sure the leave type is set correctly as it will be inserted in the leave policy group. This article will guide you on how to create leave types while explaining the functionality of these features. 


1. Go to TimeTec Leave Web page > Leave Settings > Leave Type

2. Click on ‘+’ button to add a new leave type

3. Once you choose to add a new leave type, you will be able to fill in your desired name under ‘Leave Type Name’.

4. ‘Paid For’ is an option to determine whether this leave type will be a paid leave or not. 

5. Deductible is the next option where you can determine whether your desired leave type will have an allowance or balance for the year. 

6. If this leave type is deductible, ‘Deduct Balance From’ refers to where this leave type will be deducted from. 

e.g. Emergency leave is considered an annual leave and will be deducted from the annual Leave balance. When creating an emergency Leave, admins can choose ‘Annual Leaves’ from the ‘Deduct Balance From’ list to deduct the balance from the annual leave, linking them together.

EL will fall under AL on the Leave type page.

7. You will be able to set the days available under the ‘Allow Request Types’ for this leave. 

3 available options are:

- Full and Partial Days
- Only Full Days
- Only Partial Days

8. If you allow Partial Days (half-day) applications, you can set the increment and maximum limit number of hours that an employee can apply. 

E.g if the total working hours in a day is 8 hours (excluding break time), an employee who applies for half-day applications can strictly only take 4 hours of time off work.

To set this, you may follow the settings below.

9. To set the ‘Maximum Requestable Days’, enable the option and choose the number of days from the drop-down menu. The maximum you can select is up to 100 days. 

E.g If you set 10 days, users can only apply for up to 10 days maximum for each application.

10. To set prior notice of leave application, select the no of days from the drop-down list. 

E.g If you choose 3 days, an employee needs to submit the leave application 3 days before the leave date. 

* Note that the 3-day notice will include rest days and holidays.

11. ‘Reason’, ‘Leave Attachment’ and ‘Reason of Rejection’ will have the following options: 

  • No

  • Yes (Optional)

  • Yes (Mandatory) 

Setting these options will require users to fulfil specific requirements whenever they are applying, requesting or rejecting a leave. 

The ‘Reason of Rejection’ settings refer to the requirement approver when they reject the user’s leave application. 

No - The approver cannot reject the leave application
Yes (Optional) - The approver can choose to mention their reason for rejecting the leave application, but it is not compulsory.

Yes (Mandatory) - The approver is required to mention their reasoning for rejecting the leave application. 

12. Below are a few options that admins can choose to toggle it on or off when they are creating a new leave type. 

Display in Calendar - The leave will be displayed in Calendar view (Leave Overview) and will be visible to other employees.

Show Reason - The option to hide or show an applicant’s reason

Enable - The option to allow or disable employees to choose this leave type during leave application

Exclude Holidays/rest days - This option will render holidays and rest days to be excluded or included when employees are applying for leaves

13. Color Reference - This option allows admins to set a specific color to represent the leave type. The color will be displayed under the leave overview and user balance to easily differentiate between the leave types. 

14, Require to work - The option allows you to set if your employees need to attend work on the leave day. The system will automatically record for short hours if they do not fulfil their working hours. 

E.g. This feature is commonly used for Work from Home applications. Employees can apply for this leave type and still need to clock in and out to show that they have fulfilled their work hours. 

15. Compulsory CC - This option allows you to set a selected user to be notified whenever an employee has applied for the leave type.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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