How to Import Attendance Clocking Data from 3rd Party Server into TimeTec Attendance

How to Import Attendance Clocking Data from 3rd Party Server into TimeTec Attendance


TimeTec is now able to import terminal data from other than FingerTec devices using a 3rd party server. Customers will need to prepare the server and create the database and table on the server to match the required data. We will walk you through the process below.


1. You may provide the device information (device brand, model and device serial number) to TimeTec ( for us to add the serial number as a valid serial number in our database.

2. Prepare the server to host the data from the third-party terminal and the attendance data centre for TimeTec to import the clocking data. On the server, create a database with the following table:

Table name: attendance_data_centre_checkinout


  1. user_id

  2. check_type - Clock In, 1: Clock Out, 2: Break Out, 3: Resume In, 4: OT In, 5: OT Out

  3. check_time - clocking time

  4. serial_no

  5. work_code

  6. state - always insert as 'New' ('New', 'Completed', 'UnmatchedSerialNumber')

Please ensure to match the table as the required column to avoid data not being able to be imported correctly into TimeTec. You may refer to the sample table below.

Should you face any problems installing the above database and table, please contact us with the server information, for us to further assist with the installation.

3. Login into TimeTec Attendance, go to Device > Terminal > Attendance Data Centre

4. Furnish the Attendance Data Centre information to link TimeTec with the server.

Insert the Endpoint (MySQL Host Address / IP address), server username and password, database name and the port number connection. 

Once connected, TimeTec will pull the data within a 15-minute interval by default. You can set up two separate timers if you wish to pull the data at specific times instead. If you choose to pull and sync data immediately, you can click the ‘Sync Now’ button. Please note that clicking ‘Sync Now’ will add the command to the queue if any existing syncing processes are running at that time.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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