How to generate 'Payroll'

How to generate 'Payroll'


This guide will help users to generate payroll with TimeTec’s payroll module. It will go through the step-by-step process to generate the report and make the payment.


  1. Upload Attendance

  1. Click on the 'Attendance Upload' tab > select the 'Upload Method’, ‘Month Type’, ‘Attendance Data Method’ > click 'Confirm'.

  1. Click on the 'Others' tab > key in the other allowance amount if there are any.


  1. End-Month Processing

  1. Click on the 'End-Month Processing' tab > click on 'Process' to process the current payroll period.


  1. Report

  1.  Click on the 'Report' tab > select the 'Report Type' > select the 'Report' > click 'Generate'.
  1. Closing

  1. Click on the 'Closing' tab > key in at 'INPUT HERE' > click on 'Confirm'.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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