How to cross-check end month and bonus PCB at LHDN e-calculator

How to cross-check end month and bonus PCB at LHDN e-calculator

TimeTec Payroll- How to cross-check end month and bonus PCB at LHDN e-calculator


Users can self-check the pcb calculation from the system at the LHDN e-calculator (

Before a user can generate the ‘Final PCB Cross Check (End month)’ and ‘Bonus PCB Cross Check (Bonus)’ reports, they must do the end-month processing first.


  1. Generate ‘Final PCB Cross Check (End Month).

  1. Go to 'Report' > select 'End month' > select report 'Final PCB Cross Check (End Month)' > select the 'End Month Process' > select 'Employee' > click 'Generate'. 

  1. Cross-check with the LHDN e-calculator

  1. Go to the LHDN portal (Inland Revenue Board`s Kalkulator PCB (>select the 'MTD Calculator Year'> click on 'Previously Employed in Current Year' or 'Previously Not Employed in Current Year'. 

  1. Key in employee information based on the generated report.

    1. New Identity Card No.

    2. Month (Select the contribution month)

    3. Status (Select the PCB Residence)

    4. Marital Status

    5. Disabled Individual

    6. Disabled Spouse

    7. Children's Information

  1. Key in the amount for 'Accumulated Remuneration/MTD/Rebate/Deduction until Before Current Month'.

    1. Accumulated remuneration/Bik/Vola

    2. Accumulated EPF and Other Approved Funds

    3. Accumulated MTD paid (PCB)

    4. Total accumulated zakat/fitrah paid


  1. Key in the amount in 'Current Month’s Remuneration' and 'Current Month’s Additional Remuneration' > click 'Calculate'.

    1. The current month’s remuneration can be calculated by:

      1. Current Month Remuneration (Basic+OT+Allowance(PCB current)

      2. Current month’s EPF and Other Approved Funds

    2. The current month's additional remuneration

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.
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