How to Amend or Import Carry Over Balance in TimeTec Leave

How to Amend or Import Carry Over Balance in TimeTec Leave


Every company has a yearly leave allowance for their employees. This information is important for the employees for their leave planning, especially their leave balance information. TimeTec Leave has automatic leave balance update, however for some special cases, such as adjustment for carry forward leave or special leave allocation, the leave balance for the employees need to be updated manually for adjustment. 

In this article, we will be focusing on how to import carry forward leave balance into TimeTec Leave. There are 2 options available, either by single user or by batch. Be reminded that only users with Admin privilege can alter user’s leave balance. 

A. Update Carry Forward Balance for a Single User


1. On TimeTec Leave module. Go to User > Manage User

2. Select the Leave setting button for the specific User. 

3. Click on Balance Tab

4. Click on Edit button for the Leave Type

5. Update the correct balance in carry over section and click Save

6. The system will prompt Success message after completed

B. Update Carry Forward Balance by Batch

1. At the TimeTec Leave module, go to User > Manage User page. Then go to Manage > Click on Import User Balance

2. Click on Download sample to download the excel/txt file 

3. Open the Excel sample file and click on Sheet1 

4. The current data here is the sample data and you need to replace it with the correct details of your User. Be reminded that the Leave Type is match case sensitive and you need to follow exactly word-to-word from TimeTec Leave

5. If you wish to update only Annual Leave, just put Annual Leave on the Leave Type section. Input the Carry Over, Carry Over Balance and Balance section. These 3 section is crucial and any null data will prompt an error during import process

6. After completed, save the excel file and go back to the User > Manage User section. Click on Manage > Import User Balance and browse for the excel file > Click Next

7. If there is insufficient or wrong data, the system will prompt an error with a list of User details involved. 

8. Otherwise if all data and details are correct, the system will prompt a Success message. You may check for the user carry forward leave balance in the Leave Settings > Balance section.