How To Add Face Id 5/Face Id 6 Device (Time Attendance - T&A Push) In Ingress And AWDMS Software

How To Add Face Id 5/Face Id 6 Device (Time Attendance - T&A Push) In Ingress And AWDMS Software


Face ID 5 & 6 series is the all-new face and palm verification terminal equipped with the latest facial recognition technology, an all-rounded upgrade that results in greater performance and reliability. These models have 2 device type options that you can choose: Access Push Protocol (A&C PUSH) and Time Attendance Push Protocol (T&A PUSH).

Before proceeding with user enrollment and license activation for AWDMS software, please ensure you select the appropriate device type. By default, the device is assigned with the Door Access Push Protocol (A&C PUSH). If you wish to use Face ID 5/6 for only time attendance purposes, please change the device type from A&C PUSH to T&A PUSH. 

For Face ID 5 and Face ID 6 devices with A&C PUSH device type, please refer to the technical tips from link below on how to add the device in Ingress and AWDMS software. 

Device Type

  1. A&C PUSH

    1. Supports Time Attendance and Door Access Control feature

    2. Does not support Work Code feature

  1. T&A PUSH

    1. For Time Attendance purpose only

    2. Does not support Door Access feature

    3. Supports Work Code feature


  1. Device Type Setting

To change the device type setting at the device, press Menu > System > Device Type Setting > Device Type > Select T&A PUSH > Press OK > Restart.

Please note that when you change the device type directly at the device, all data will be removed from the device. In case you already have data inside the device, you can use the update tool from the link below to change the device type. 

  1. Download the update tool from link above

  2. Insert device IP address > Click Connect

  3. Once connected, select ATT > Click Update > Restart device

  1. Configure Cloud Server Setting (Server Address and Port Number)

  1. Please check your PC server IP address using Windows Command Prompt. Run CMD > Typeipconfig > Press Enter. You can see from the picture below that the PC IP address is


  1. Go to the device. Press Menu > COMM. > Cloud Server Setting > Insert your PC IP address > Set Server Port to 8088.


  1. Search and Add Device in Ingress and AWDMS Software

  1. Next, run TimeTec Cloud AWDMS > Click onAttendance module > Device > Search Device > Click Search. After completion, the device details will be listed as per screenshot below.


  1. After you manage to get the device listed in AWDMS, please run your Ingress software. Go to System Settings > AWDMS Configuration > AWDMS Information > Fill in the required information as below > Test Connection > Save.

     Server            : localhost or PC IP address
     Port                : 8098
     Username      : admin
     Password       : admin


  1. Next, go to Devices module > Add Device > Set the Device Name > Select AWDMS ATT as Communication Mode > Key in device IP Address > Serial Number > Click ADD.


Finally, the device has been successfully added to Ingress and AWDMS software. Now, you can perform download/upload user data or transaction logs from the device and manage the attendance.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.