Fingertec FaceID 6 External Bell Schedules

Fingertec FaceID 6 External Bell Schedules

A ‘Schedule Bell’, also known as a scheduled reminder or scheduled notification, is a feature commonly found on electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers. It allows users to set specific times for their devices to generate an alarm, sound, or notification to remind them of important events, tasks, or appointments.

FingerTec provides an external schedule bell option to fulfil this need. Schedule bells can be useful for various situations, such as an indication to start work, take a break and even end work for the day.

In this chapter, let’s look at some advice to enable this function.

Step 1, Find the Setting;

Please follow the steps below to set a schedule bell;

  1. Select Menu > Personalize


  1. At Personalize > Select Bell Schedules

Step 2, Enable External Relay;

Follow the Step 1, 

2.1 at Bell Schedules > Select Options

2.2 at Options > Select External Bell Relay > Select NC2

Step 3, Set the Bell Schedule Time;

To set the Bell Schedule time, please follow Step 1;

3.1 At Bell Schedules > Select New Bell Schedule

3.2 At New Bell Schedules > Turn Bell Status on

3.3 Set the time according to your schedule when you want this machine to trigger the bell.

At New Bell Schedules > Select Bell Time. 

3.4 To repeat this schedule bell by day;

At New Bell Schedules > select Repeat.

3.4 To set the bell type to either Internal Bell, where bell sounds will be triggered at the machine. or External Bell, where bell sounds will be triggered externally of the machine;

At New Bell Schedules > Select Bell Type.

Step 4, Check the Bell Time;

At this setting, you can check and edit all the bell schedule times that have been set.

Follow the Step1;

4.1 at Bell Schedules > Select All Bell Schedules

4.2 to edit the Time;

Select The Time > Edit

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