Field Customization Management to Add User Details

Field Customization Management to Add User Details

In TCMS V3, we have provided a set of default fields for general user information under User Tab. But your company might want to add certain information that is not readily available in the software. We have just the solution you need.
With Field Customization Management, you can add more user fields in TCMS V3.


This feature offers flexibility to create your own data.

1) Go to System Settings > Field Customization Field > Edit > Add

2) A pop-up will appear. Insert the item name, choose the item type and fill up the details accordingly.
There are 4 Item Types available:

a)  Text Box
Users can key in the data input inside the box. For example: Age, Height and Weight.

b)  Combo Box
You can create a list of selection where users can choose one from the drop-down list. For example, Blood type (A,B,AB,O) and Gender (Male , Female).

c) Check Box
You can add options and let users to select accordingly, for example marital status, language proficiency and etc.

d) DateComboBox
You can select a date from a drop-down calendar.

3) Click Save, the field(s) will be created under Other Tab in Users Module.