FAQs - FingerTec BioBridge SDK

FAQs - FingerTec BioBridge SDK

FingerTec terminals come bundled with either the TCMSV2 or Ingress software for a Time Attendance system. Both software packages come as a complete system for all your time attendance and door access needs. However, for system developers who would like to customize the software to incorporate features based on your own ideas or third party applications, you can access the BioBridge SDK software that comes together with your purchase of FingerTec terminals. The BioBridge SDK is a tool that allows you to customize your own software that can be integrated with your terminals for a personalized solution.

The SDK in the developer program are packed with all the documentations to provide references should you become unclear of which coding to use. Manuals are provided to guide you to have easy linking and integration between your software and the FingerTec hardware. Take a look at the frequently asked questions concerning FingerTec BioBridge SDK for more insight in developing your own software.


1.          When I want to run the BioBridge program, I encounter the following error “Class not registered (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))”.
A: This error is due to the missing .dll that is required to run the BioBridge SDK Demo. Please install TCMSV2, Ingress or BioBridge SDK software before you start using the BioBridge SDK Demo.
2.          How can I determine whether the terminal I have includes the black & white or colored screen?
A: You can check your screen type by using the function IsTFTMachine. When the value returned is 0, it means that the terminal you have includes a colored screen. If the value returned is aside from 0, it means that your terminal has the black & white screen.

3.           I’m using a FingerTec colored screen model and having issues in reading the time attendance details via the sample code provided.
A: Please select the appropriate colored screen model function in the BioBridge SDK Demo to read the clocking data/user info. If you want to write your own program, kindly use the prefix SSR_ for colored screen terminals.

4.          Can I use the BioBridge SDK with Java?
A: Our BioBridge SDK is packed Active X dll. As Java programming cannot work directly with ActiveX, you will need to use a third party wrapper in order to use Java with our SDKs.

5.          Does the BioBridge SDK supports the programming languages PHP and Oracle Forms?
A: Unfortunately our BioBridge SDK does not support PHP and Oracle formats. Below is the list of sample codes available in our FingerTec Developer Program page.
> C#
> Delphi
> VB

6.          How can I check which terminal the real-time event is from if I have more than 1 device connected?
A: You can use BioBridgeEventSDK.ocx as the reference to determine which terminal the event is from instead of using BioBridgeSDK.ocx.

7.          How can I connect multiple terminals at the same time?
A: Kindly refer to the developer program sample “WPF (Dynamic Declaration & Multiple Terminal)” which is available at http://www.fingertec.com/developerprogram/biobridge_samplecode.php.

8.          I need a BioBridge SDK for Web applications.
A: Our BioBridge SDK is developed only for Windows platform. If you need to use it for web applications, you can use our FingerTec Webster, obtainable at the link below. http://www.fingertec.com/developerprogram/webster_download.php

9.          I want to use BioBridge SDK in my programming language, what must I do?
A: To use BioBridge SDK in your programming language, you will need to add the ActiveX component to your development environment

For Windows 64bit Operating System

For Windows 32bit Operating System

10.        I want to upload User Photos and Advertisement Photos to the terminal via BioBridge SDK. How can I go about it?
A: Before you proceed, please ensure that the photos that you want to upload is in JPEG format and the size must be 320px X 210px, less than 30kb. You can use the command UploadPicture() to upload advertisement and UploadUserPhoto() to upload user photo.

11.       I have both master and slave readers connected. How can I differentiate whether the transaction is from the master reader or the slave reader?
A: In GetGeneralLog(), you must use the value below to differentiate the master’s and slave’s transactions.
InOutMode = 0 (Master Unit)
InOutMode = 1 (Slave Unit)

12.        I have downloaded the transaction log into my USB Flash Disk and noticed that the file is encrypted. How can I decrypt the data?
A: You can use the command DecryptLog(Encrypt: String, Decrypt:String). If the value returned is 0, this means that the log has been successfully decrypted. Other value returned means that it failed to decrypt the file. The content that will be decrypted are:

·         Enroll No
·         Date & Time
 ·         Device ID
 ·         InOutMode
·         VerifyMode
 ·         WorkCode

13.       How can I backup and restore the data in the terminal?
A: To backup data in the BioBridge SDK we need to use the command GetInfo, with SetInfo to restore the data. Basically only user information, fingerprint template and time zone are included in the backup and restore data process.  Do take note that due to security reasons, only transaction logs CANNOT be restored back to the reader.

·      User Info
Backup – GetUserInfo()          
Restore – SetUserInfo()

·       User Fingerprint Template
Backup – GetUserTemplate()
Restore – SetUserTemplate()

·      User TimeZone
Backup – GetUserTimezone()                      
Restore – SetTimezoneInfo()

·       Transaction Logs
Backup – ReadGeneralLog()

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.

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