Face ID 3 New Firmware (10 August 2017)

Face ID 3 New Firmware (10 August 2017)

FingerTec have updated Face ID 3 firmware to include the much anticipated feature: Per Day Verification Type as well as an additional Verification type - Face or Password & Card.
Feature Description
With Per Day Verification, user can now set a specific verification style for a particular day and time. For example, the usual Monday to Friday can be customized to “Face Only” during office hours (8am – 5pm), and “Face & Card” for out of office hours (5pm – 8am) while Saturday and Sunday can be arranged to “Face & Card” for the whole day.
This feature is suitable for company who wishes to strengthen their security after working hours and during rest days.
Feature Settings
To enable this feature in Face ID 3, first you need to update the firmware to version 4835-01 or later. Then download a tool from the link below in order to enable this function.
The settings of this feature can be manually set in the device [System > Advance Setting > PerDayVType] as shown in the picture below.
Alternatively, if the Face ID 3 is connected to Ingress Software, the settings can then be done under Access Level > Verify Type. After setting up the verify types and time zone, please make sure to Add Door and synchronize the device in order for it to take effect.

Remark: If PerDay Verification Type is turned ON, group and individual verification type will not be active. If timezone is not set in PerDay Verification Type, default type will be selected instead,  which is Face, Password or Card.
FingerTec authorized reseller can login and download the latest firmware at http://tips.fingertec.com/tips-download-firmware.php. For end users, please contact your local reseller or FingerTec Support team to acquire this latest firmware update
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