Enabling User Authentication in TCMS V3

Enabling User Authentication in TCMS V3

There are cases in TCMS V3 whereby user authentication did not appear when you want to access the software which makes the user thinks that is some form of a bug. And many users keep uninstall and reinstall the software a few times to make sure that user authentication pops up. For your information, this is not a bug. You need to enable user authentication in the system settings in TCMS V3 to use the feature.

1) Making your system more secure
2) When you enable this, you could view who is creating any report because it would show the name of the user that login with the current account.

1) Go to System Settings, under system > tick “Enable Username and Password Authentication”

2)    Still, on the same page, click on User Account and add the account that you want to add. The default account that already has already been created is the super admin account. If you wish to add/delete the other account, you need to log in with that account.

3) Next, exit TCMS V3 and run it again. You can see a box prompt for username and password. Login with the account that you have created before.

4) After you’ve login with that account, you can see your name when you generate the report and there will be your name at the right bottom of your report.