Diagnose, Compact and Repair for Microsoft Access Database (TCMS V3 and Ingress MDB)

Diagnose, Compact and Repair for Microsoft Access Database (TCMS V3 and Ingress MDB)

FingerTec offers 2 types of software which are known as the TCMS V3 - Time Attendance system and Ingress - Time Attendance & Access Control system respectively. Currently, TCMS V3 offers only 1 option to support the Microsoft Access (MDB) database whereas Ingress Software offers 2 options for the database type which are the MySQL and/or the Microsoft Access (MDB).

Most Ingress MySQL users would have already noticed that there is an application that needs to be run for the connection of the software with its database residing in the MySQL Server in their Ingress Server. Using this application, users will be able to connect, update, diagnose, and backup the database. 

Therefore, our team has developed a similar function in the software that uses the Microsoft Access (MDB), for instance, TCMS v3 and the Ingress MDB. If you are dealing with a huge backup database, you may consider applying the following steps to compact the data and reduce the size.

This Diagnostic will be troubleshooting the database issues such as hangs, slow performance, memory fragmentation and etc. This will enhance the performance of the system and the database. 

Compact and Repair
Database files can grow quickly as you use them, sometimes might even disrupt the performance. They can also get corrupted or damaged occasionally. In order to reduce such situations, you may use the Compact and Repair to prevent or fix these problems. The compact process will not compress your data — the function of this process only makes your database file smaller by eliminating unused spaces. The Compact and Repair Database can also help to improve your database performances.

The following is presenting one of the cases where the database size is too big. The users are facing a problem of a huge size of database when creating a backup database. In the case of an event whereby the users are required to conduct backup twice a month, the system storage will be taken up a lot more than expected.

By completing Compact and Repair, this will resize and reduce the database used spaces. However, the result depends on how much data has been stored inside the database. Once completed, you will be able to notice a difference whenever you make a backup again.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at info@timeteccloud.com, we will update it as soon as possible.