Configuring Access Level of Every Terminal in Ingress for Better Security Control of Your Premises

Configuring Access Level of Every Terminal in Ingress for Better Security Control of Your Premises

Access level configuration helps clients to secure their system because they can set different Access Level for each authorized user according to the time zone. With this feature, you can limit the access of your devices to specific times and combinations of verification type in Access level, enhancing security of your premises.

By configuring the Access Level, the security mechanism for your premises is tightened to prevent it from being invaded by any unauthorized individuals.

A: Configure Door Settings
Create a door in Ingress, then  assign your device to that door.

B: Configure Time Set 
• Default Time Set Configuration

• Adding your own preferred Time Set
Click Add Time Set and configure the time intervals where users are allowed to access the door. Define the start and end time applicable for this Time Set. You can configure up to 3 different time sets in a day. 

Note: User can only access the door within these 3 intervals and cannot access the door in between the break interval of these 3 time ranges.
Click Save to save the settings. Once you’ve done configuring all the Time Set settings, click Transfer All Time Set to Device to synchronize all the settings to the devices. 

C: Configure the Access Group
As an example, for 3 terminals [3 doors], you can have up to 7 possibilities of Access groups: 
1. Access 1 – Full access, can access all doors
2. Access 2 – Can access Door 1 and Door 2
3. Access 3 –  Can access Door 1 and Door 3
4. Access 4 – Can access Door 2 and Door 3
5. Access 5 –  Can access Door 1 only 
6. Access 6 – Can access Door 2 only
7. Access 7 – Can access Door 3 only
Click Add Access Door. In each Access Group, you can select your preferred Door, Time Set and Combination of Verification Type for each door.

Click Save to save the settings and Click Transfer to Device to synchronize settings to the devices 

6) Once done, please assign relevant users for each access group
Access group > Edit > User > Add > Select your user > Ok > Save > Click Transfer to Device

Note:  Every user can only be assigned to one access group only
After the users have been added in each access group, you may select Transfer All Access Group Device to synchronize the whole settings to the device.

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