CMOS Battery

CMOS Battery


A CMOS battery, also known as a coin cell or button cell battery, is a small, round, and typically flat battery used to power the CMOS memory in a device MCU. The CMOS memory is responsible for storing system settings such as date and time.

The CMOS battery ensures that the CMOS memory retains its data even when the device is powered off. If the CMOS fails or loses power, the system may forget its settings causing the device to have issues such as incorrect dates and time settings.

Type of CMOS Battery

  1. CR 2032

Using with device:

  • TA 500

  • TA 700 W

  • Face ID 2 

  • Face ID X

  1. CR 1220

Using with device:

  • TA 200 Plus

  • Q2i

  • TA 100 C

  • Timeline 100

  • Face ID 3

  • Face ID 4 / 4D

  • Face ID 5 / TD / FTD

  • R2

  • R3

  • Kadex 

  • AC 100 C

  1. FIID5010

Using with device:

  • Face ID 5 / TD / FTD

  • Face ID 6

  • TA 100 C ( New MCU )

  • AC 100 C ( New MCU )

*Note: You can contact us to purchase new CMOS batteries or when you need battery replacements.

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