Clocking Status Options Setup For Face ID X & Face ID 2

Clocking Status Options Setup For Face ID X & Face ID 2


Face ID X and Face ID 2 have a function to determine whether the user needs to select time to punch or want to set it automatically by setting the Clocking Status Options on the device.


  1.  First, go to MENU > Personalize > Clocking Status Options – Clocking Status Mode.

  2.  Select the type of clocking method preferred for your working environment. The clocking status modes are explained below.


 OFF Mode

-          When you select off mode, no clocking options will appear at the home screen.


  Manual Mode

-          On Manual mode, the user will need to select the clocking option before verifying

-          If no clocking option is selected, the attendance will not capture the clocking status. Instead, the clocking status will be recorded as 255.

-          To check if the attendance is recorded, go to MENU – Attendance Search – Attendance Record – search for user ID – Select date range


To make sure the user select the clocking status before the attendance is recorded, please enable for ‘Clocking Status Required

After the user verifies, the system will display the clocking status option and the user will need to select the clocking status to proceed with the attendance clocking. No clocking will be recorded if clocking status is not selected. 


 Auto Mode
  • By using this mode, users don’t need to select the clocking status, however you will need to set up the schedule to determine the working time range.  

  • Go to MENU > Personalize > Shortcut Key Mappings

  • Select the attendance status that you want to enable, for example: ‘Check In’

-          Select Check In, then go to Set Switch time > Switch Cycle. Tick on the check box to select the day that you want to set the attendance status.

-          Next, go back to the Set Switch Time page. You will see the selected day option appear on screen. Select each day to set up the ‘Check In’ time.

-          After you have finished setting up for Check In days, you can do the same steps for other attendance status.

·         Manual and Auto Mode

  • This mode is the combination between the Manual mode and Auto mode, where users can either choose to select the attendance status or to follow the existing setup on the device.

Fixed mode

-          Once you have set the selected attendance status, it cannot change to another attendance status.

-          It will automatically set the device to the following setup at clocking status options.


Manual Fixed Mode

-          This mode is similar to the Fixed mode, however the clocking status can be changed by tapping the screen at Home Screen.

Note: If some of the screenshots or steps viewed here are different from the ones in the current system, this is due to our continuous effort to improve our system from time to time. Please notify us at, we will update it as soon as possible.

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