Changing Device’s Display Theme and Advertisement Picture through Ingress & TCMS V3

Changing Device’s Display Theme and Advertisement Picture through Ingress & TCMS V3

In both Ingress (since v3.0.5) and TCMSV3 software, there is currently a feature known as Multimedia Management. This feature allows you to change the Device’s Display Theme and Advertisement Picture remotely from the software, without the need of your presence at any terminal(s).

It is proven that visual advertising is more memorable than just hearing or reading. You can now use your company logo as the “desktop theme”, and your products or services as the “advertisement picture” on your FingerTec devices. By advertising your products or services through FingerTec’s Device, it makes you more likely to be front in line in potential clients’ minds when they are in need of the products or services that you have to offer.

Special note:
Please be informed that the below configurations are done on Ingress software, as shown in the accompanying images. However, this can also be applied in TCMS V3 to achieve comparable results, as the configuration is similar with only a slight difference in the interface.  

1)  Change the Desktop Theme and Advertisement Photo to Your Preference
     Go to Devices > Multimedia Management > click Edit > Select Display Theme or 
     Advertisement Picture > Double click the picture > browse your picture > click Open > 
     Click Save. (Ensure the picture's size is less than 30kb). 

      2)   Upload the Picture into Fingertec's Device
       Click Upload Multimedia Content > Select the particular Fingertec Device which you want 
       to upload the content to then proceed to > Click Write 

   3)  Remove the Advertisement Photo
        You can remove the Advertisement Photo by going to Advertisement 
        Picture > Select Picture > click Remove From Device