Backup and restore database management

Backup and Restore Database Management

Ingress is evolving to improve the user experience in order to navigate through the software easily. These enhancements have boosted the performance of Ingress. The interface of database management also has been improvised to allow the users to restore and backup database they need swiftly.

For the latest release of Ingress, this following tips will assist and complement the first time user experience in engaging the basic backup and restore terms in Ingress’s Database Configuration

To Backup
Step 1 – Go to System Settings Tab


Step 2 - Select Database Configuration. 
Step 3 - Click at Backup Options and select the module that you want to backup. Press OK when you are done.
Step 4 - Click at the Browse button and select the folder that you want to save the database to. You can also click Make New Folder if you want to create a new folder. Once done, press OK.

Step 5 - Click on the Backup button to initiate the backup process. 

To Restore
Step 1 - Go to System Settings > Database Configuration > Click Browse

Step 2 - Select the Ingress database and Click Open to choose the link

If you encounter an error halfway during the restoration process, you can follow the steps below. The error will halt the restoration process in Ingress software and the database restoration will not be completed. To resolve this issue, you need to untick the Abort on Error option and Click Pause Monitoring at the Monitoring tab before restoring the database.
Step 3 – Go to Monitoring Page and click Pause Monitoring. 
Step 4 - Go to System Settings Tab > Database Configurations and untick the option “abort
               on error”. 
Step 5 - Click the Restore button. Now you should be able to restore the database without
               any error.

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